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Mr. Anthony "Tony" Sanders




“Building a strong community one student at a time with an emphasis on character and intelligence!" 


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, "Intelligence plus character -- that is the goal of true education." At the core of our existence at Greensboro Middle School is to build a strong community by tapping into the ability and potential of each child to do great work. This can be done when we work to develop the whole child by focusing on academics, character, and the social interaction of our students. The Greensboro Middle School mission, vision, and core values are a shared expression of our belief system. A belief that all of our students will become college and career ready, while at the same time become world class citizens. 

We want all of our shareholders to join us in our effort to uplift the lives of our students. The term shareholders will be used because it denotes ownership. When you think of being a shareholder, one then understand that he or she is engaged in an investment. An investment that we all hope will reap a substantial return! That being said, we want all of our community shareholders to ....

"Get IN GMS: Get INspired! Get INvolved! Get INvested!"